Electric is a website development and design studio.

We help our clients to get online, whether it’s for the first time or to improve their existing online presence. We can advice and guide our clients to achieve the best result and to help them get the most value out of their website.

Some of our clients obtain a large portion of their business through Search and require extensive SEO treatment on their website. Think e.g. of clients who sell a product or offer a service. We can help these clients by placing extra emphasis on SEO best practices to increase their search engine visibility.

Other clients have websites that have a strong emphasis on portfolio, think of fashion designers and photographers. We can help these clients to get the best out of their website by focusing on visualisation (UI) and user experience (UX).

Some of our design services include:

Some of our development services include:

Please have look through our Services section and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.