Website Design

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the costs of bad design.

Ralf Speth CEO, Jaguar

A design can make or break a website. The design of your website is your how your visitors perceive your business and brand. Website design is for most of our clients where they start the discovery process of their new website. Often our clients most pressing question is; “What is our new website going to look like?”

Website design is heavily dependent on fashion and trends. New design styles come and go as rapid as new technologies can out-date an existing design and most of our clients get their website re-designed about every three or so years.

Website design and branding go hand in hand and most often the design of a website is a continuation of the established brand of the business. When we design a website for our clients we will ask them for brand guidelines and/or a style guide. In the event that a client can’t provide this we will help these clients to understand the importance of a consistent brand across all their communication channels.

Industry Standards

To get the most out of a website design it’s important for a designer to understand the limitations of the medium they design for. Designing a website is fundamentally different then designing, e.g, a printed annual report. Both mediums have different constraints. At Electric we specialise in website design. This means that we are in tune with the medium we design for and that we are fully aware of it’s constraints and limitations.

All our website designs are based on a column grid. This grid will help the designer to work in a modular and standardised fashion and to design in such a way that a design can be properly transformed into HTML and CSS templates.

An important factor of designing a website is not just about making it look good. The designer has to be familiar with the various technologies to understand whether or not a specific design can be build and implemented within a given budget.