About Us

Electric is a website design & development studio based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in content managed website solutions and implementing great ideas, big and small. Our focus is on designing and building high quality online experiences.


We pivot our service offering around design and technology so that we can ensure that we can deliver the highest quality work at all time.

We don’t underestimate the technical implications to visual design either. Our design team understands the technical limitations of a creative idea. By understanding these limitations we have a much better chance of executing a visual design or creative idea within the required constraints of time frame and budget.

We understand that in many situations the world of digital and online is a lot more “scientific” and a lot less “artistic”. some of our competitors approach the work mainly from an artistic point of view leaving the technology to catch up with the creative idea. By doing this, they trivialise the development effort involved and end up delivering substandard results for overblown budgets.

Because we have been involved in the production process of online projects for so many years, we have developed a great understanding of all the nuances and intricacies involved in bringing to life the best creative.