eCommerce and Payment Integration

eCommerce and payment integration is a sought after requirement. We can help our clients to sell their products online by integrating their website with a payment gateway.

We often advice our clients to start their eCommerce adventure with a solid foundation. By this mean a solution that takes away the hassle out of merchant accounts and payment gateways. We will likely advice our clients to build their eCommerce store around one of the many SaaS solutions out there. By doing this our clients can outsource the specific task of eCommerce to a truly specialised service that will monitor their store around the clock 24/7. We believe it’s important for our clients to understand the difference between their website and their store. At first sight it might look like a store and website are the same thing but in reality it is advisable to separate the two entities. However, this doesn’t have any impact on the user experience. Our client’s customers will perceive the website and store as one.

SaaS Solutions

The two SaaS solutions we would recommend our clients will be either Shopify or Big Commerce. Both these platforms allow for full integration with our clients websites but will take the pain out of managing the store, shopping cart and the payment process.

In this day of age the last thing we would advice our clients is to store payment details in their own database. There can be serious security risks involved when this if not done properly. Using one of the available SaaS solutions will give our clients piece of mind that they are working with a certified payment gateway integration solution and that they will benefit from that in the long run.

A typical SaaS solution, such as Shopify and Big Commerce, provide developer API’s (Application Programming Interface). This allows us to integrate our clients website with their store seamlessly. The website will be able to display all the products, shopping cart and everything else that’s needed for the best user experience.