Facebook Applications

The most important social media network today, Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool for many of our clients. We specialise in Facebook applications and the integration of Facebook into websites with Facebook Connect.

Facebook applications

When we talk about Facebook applications we normally refer to applications that live on the Facebook website. Facebook applications can be created in such a way that they seamlessly integrate with the Facebook experience. Facebook visitors can browse to a Facebook fan page of one of our clients brands and through the means of a Facebook application the visitor can be presented with a unique user experience. This allow our clients to bring their personal content onto Facebook.

Facebook applications give users through a system of permissions access to their personal information and if a visitor allows a Facebook application to access their details, the Facebook application is then capable to enrich the user experience to it’s full extend.

Facebook integration

It’s possible for websites to seamlessly integrate with Facebook through Facebook Connect. With Facebook Connect it is possible for visitors of third-party websites to log in and identify themselves with their Facebook credentials. Not only lowers this the threshold for visitors to not have to create yet another log in account for a website, but it also allows the third-party websites to continue the Facebook user experience on their website.

Through privileges, third-party websites can request access to certain aspects of a visitors Facebook account and the visitor can then choose to let the website read their personal information such as their email address or to let the website post content onto their wall on their behalf.

Integrating Facebook into our clients websites can be a very powerful tool.