CMS Solutions

Many of our clients want control over the content on their website. For this purpose we specialise in WordPress website development.


WordPress is a flexible Content Management System for many types websites. Think of portfolio’s, blogs and even community driven websites. WordPress is a flexible and easy to use framework. Our clients love WordPress because of the accessible administration user interface and we love WordPress because it’s so easy to extend and theme. For most of our clients we recommend to use WordPress for their website for these reasons.

WordPress is supported by a large community and developers. This gives our clients great comfort. Many of our competitors will offer their clients a proprietary build content management system which will eventually lock these clients in with those developers. By offering our clients a widely supported foundation, such as WordPress, we can ensure our clients that whatever happens in the future, their website will be able to be maintained. It also means that by doing this we can ensure our clients that the relationships we have with our clients are paramount.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress offers a feature called Multisite. With Multisite it is possible to create a network of websites that can be maintained through a unified WordPress administration area or through each individual website. Websites that are part of a Multiste install can share plugins and themes, making it easier for administrators to update and maintain websites that are part of a network There are countless of possibilities for Multisite setups, think e.g. communities or educational or departmental purposes.

At Electric we specialise in WordPress and we can help our clients the set up, build and maintain WordPress Multisite set ups.

Plugin development

Some of our clients require special functionality to be added to their website. This can range from custom post types to integration with a 3rd party service such as Sales Force, a propriety search engine or even an LDAP server for authentication.

At Electric we specialise in WordPress plugin development and we’re capable to integrate WordPress with just about any external or 3rd party system or service imaginable.