Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For many of our clients it’s of vital importance that their websites rank well in Google and other search engines. To facilitate this we employ various SEO strategies to make our client’s websites as accessible to search engines as we possibly can.

Good SEO consists of two important factors:

  1. A well constructed and search engine friendly website.
  2. High quality content and high quality back links.

At Electric we mainly focus on the first factor, however, we can and will advise our clients on the 2nd as well since the success of it will be influenced greatly by the design of the website.

Good SEO Design

Good SEO design starts with good Information Architecture. This means that we will structure our clients websites in such a way that the pages on their website will be structured in an optimal hierarchy. An optimal structured website will present its content from generic to specific, a.k.a, content drill-down. This technique allows for important search relevant keywords to be included in the URL for a specific page.

Sometimes our clients come to us with specific design requests which can be detrimental for good SEO design. In those cases will will work with our clients to help them understand why it’s important to follow certain pages structures or content layouts.

High Quality Content

For a website to rank in a Search Engine it needs to have high quality content. Today this is even more important than before. Search engines are becoming smarter and smarter as their ranking algorithms are improved and tuned. Not so long ago, to help a website rank well a smart way of organising internal and external link building would have been a great starting strategy. Today, for a website to rank well, it is of vital importance that the content on the website is relevant and well constructed. Because of this we can help our clients find the correct SEO expert to help them massage their content to it’s full potential.

All in all, at Electric we can help you improve your website search engine performance and visibility while maintaining your visual design integrity.