Website Development

We are experts in website development with many years of experience going all the back to the early days of the World Wide Web.

Website development can be divided into two distinct major principles; Front End Development & Back End Development.

Front End Development

Front End development is that part of the development cycle where everything is build that runs within the context of the browser. In technical terms we call this the “client” or sometimes refer to it as “client side development”. This development process includes HTML, CSS and Javascript. HTML and CSS are two technologies that heavily depend on each other. HTML is used to logically structure information and CSS is used to give that structure visual style.

In essence it’s possible to construct any website without the use of Javascript. However, it is Javascript that will allow a developer to add behavior to a website. With the use of Javascript many interesting effects can be achieved, not only from a visual point of view but also from a content point of view. With the use of Javascript it’s possible to add real smarts to a website and these days it’s almost impossible to construct a sophisticated website without the usage of Javascript.

Back End Development

With Back End Development we refer to any logic that resides on the web server and beyond. Many websites these days work within the context of a Content Management System (CMS) and this means that the pages the visitor of a website sees in their browser are usually generated on the web server based on data that is stored in a database.

Another important aspect of Back End Development is the customisation of a CMS. Take e.g. WordPress. Many of our clients require functionality specific to their website. The Back End developer will be able to extend the CMS with custom functionality allowing our clients to easily update their custom website functionality.