Our Process

Our process is based on years of experience working with clients on countless of real world projects and problems. We understand that different clients have different needs and we are fully capable to adjust our process to these needs.

Our development process is based on an iterative principle that allows us to revisit phases of the process when necessary. Having produced websites in the past through a waterfall model, today we exclusively focus on an iterative design model:

Iterative design is a design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process. Based on the results of testing the most recent iteration of a design, changes and refinements are made. This process is intended to ultimately improve the quality and functionality of a design.

Source: Wikipedia

Scope & Functional Requirements

This is the discovery phase of the project. In the first phase we engage with our clients, trying to get to the essence of their requirements. We try to understand our clients business and how their new website can help them to it’s fullest capacity. We try to capture all this knowledge and information as much as we can in a Scope of Work document. This document outlines the various functionality and content requirements for the website design and development.

Information Architecture & Wire Frames

During the Information Architecture and Wire Frames phase we start to increase the level of detail. By this time the project is in full swing. The Information Architecture and Wire Frames give a new sense of scope to the project and it’s often the first time for our clients to actually see how their new website will be layed out and what the functionality will be like.

Interactive Wire Frames

We value the Interactive Wire Frame process very high because it helps us to identify potential problems at a very early stage. Interactive Wire Frames are a translation of the Wire Frames created in the Information Architecture phase but this time implemented in boilerplate HTML. When Interactive Wire Frames are implemented it allows us and our clients to click through a rudimentary version of the website.

Design & Development

The Design and Development phases are closely intertwined, a ballet of designers and developers working together to deliver the best possible product. Working in iterations, the developers start work on integrating the database functionality of the website using the Interactive Wire Frames as the websites interface. At the same time the designers are crafting the visual layer of the website and at a magic point in time all elements will be fused together into one coherent piece.

Quality Assurance

Quality is one of the highest priorities. Working in iterations and by including an Interactive Wire Frame phase we have a solid grip on the quality assurance process. Potential problems can be detected early on which also allows for better rigorous testing at a later or final stage of the project.

Delivery and Deployment

For some of our clients we provide hosting of their website. In those cases deployment is an integral part of the process and those clients don’t have to worry about a thing. Other clients BYO their hosting and depending on their requirements and needs we are fully capable to assist these clients with deployment requirements they might have.